Surgery - Sciatica Treatment

Surgery is also an choice to treat cases of chronic sciatica when:

there is an identifiable  cause, like a slipped or herniated disc
the symptoms haven't more responsible different varieties of treatment
the symptoms have gotten progressively worse
The type of surgery that may be suggested for you'll depend on the reason behind your sciatica. Some surgical choices include:
discectomy – wherever the a part of the herniated disc pressing on your nerve is removed (this is that the commonest form of surgery required)
fusion surgery – if a bone has slipped out of place, it's going to be potential to fuse it into place employing a bone graft supported by metal rods
laminectomy – a procedure usually accustomed treat spinal stenosis, this removes or trims the arch of a bone to alleviate the pressure on the nerves
Many people have a positive result from surgery, however like all surgical procedures, spinal surgery carries some risks. there's a risk of infection and of the surgery failing, and a low risk that your spinal nerves are going to be damaged throughout surgery. this might result in muscle weakness.
Before choosing spinal surgery, your Dr. can discuss the relative risks and benefits with you.

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