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Specialties: Pain Management, Anesthesiology.

Dr. Sekhar Upadhyayula, MD and Dr. Mikhail Kogan MD

Dr. Sekhar and Dr. Mikhail Kogan are member of American Society of Anesthesiologists.

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Epidural Steroid Injection

The Epidural Steroid Injection is a procedure where numbing medicine (anesthetic) and anti- inflammatory medicine (steroid) is injected into the epidural space to treat pain caused by irritation of the spinal nerves.

Cervical Facet Joint Injection

The Cervical Facet Joint Injection is a procedure used to block or decrease pain caused by problems in the upper (neck area) spine.

Nerve Block Treatment in Queens New York

In general, peripheral Nerve Blocks are a kind of procedure during which an anesthesiologist basically works on finding the nerves of the patients so on supplying a body part then, injects the numbing medicine in order to surround the nerves of the patient. once injecting the medication the body part of the person becomes numb to pain and touch and sometimes become immoveable or significant. in order to try this medical procedure you're extremely recommended to visit an professional anesthesiologist who will perform this procedure with complete care.
When it involves start this procedure the patient are offered a kind of medicine in order that he/she will relax throughout the entire procedure. once the patient gets relaxed and goes into the state of unconsciousness his or her skin is numbed so the nerve block needle is inserted through that numb skin and positioned next to the nerves additionally. And using the ultrasound technology the anesthesiologist professional see the nerves and needle and may conjointly move to look at the medicine surrounds the nerves. The peripheral truly a very important a part of nervous system that actually allows send the signals. nervous system could be a system that plays a very important role in our body since it receives and sends the signals from brain throughout the body.
Peripheral nerve blocks are a safe and highly effective procedure through that the patient will get relief from his/her suffering. and the main thing is that this medical procedure will only be possible using ultrasound technology. With this advanced and wide used technology the anesthesiologists perform this procedure and provide instant and effective relief to the patient. For a large variety of patients the peripheral nerve block is actually a boon because with this healthcare procedure they'll live their life usually. In many specific cases, an anesthesiologist may be a person who needs to employ the services of anesthesia so that patient will get relax and also the medical professionals will do the surgery. using the services of a professional Dr. with none hesitation and concern the patient will under went for this medical procedure.

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PRP, Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures


With platelet rich Plasma therapy, or PRP Injection NYpainsolutions utilizes the healing power of isolated platelets from the patient's own blood to aid in the rejuvenation of their body's soft tissues and bones. Platelet rich Plasma (PRP) injections are accustomed heal muscle, tendon and ligament injuries, accelerating the body's natural healing method. They're a secure and natural different to surgery. A common problem with the healing process is scarring. It affects perform and is among redoubled risk of more damage. Over the previous couple of decades, medical science has recognized that Growth Factors present in specific blood components are most significant within the natural healing process. Growth factors are the foremost important biologically active substance present in blood platelets, that exhibit in depth tissue forming abilities. Throughout PRP treatment, a targeted injection of platelets derived from the very patient is injected into the injured tissue. This initiates the natural healing response of the body.

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Spinal Stenosis Solutions in Queens New York

Spinal stenosis could be a painful condition and the one who is suffering from this condition is aware of that pain has no limits. There are many treatment strategies that are followed by the doctors to cure it. However, it's not possible to fully heal the condition. the reason behind it's the fact that generally owing to this problem; nerve tissues get damaged and are irreparable. thus there's a valid question of what can be done for spinal stenosis.
A medical specialist is that the person that you visit once you start reeling under the pain of this condition. The pain because of compression of the spine is similar to rheumatic pain; moreover, the pain within the other part of body is additionally due to compression of spine. The nerve that gets pressed due to compression of spine causes you to feel pain within the specific a part of the body with that the ironed nerve is related to. However, a medical specialist help you however to not the total extent.
You can also visit a NYpainsolutions for treatment of the spinal stenosis. orthopedic surgeon also makes an accurate choice; but, the surgeons will advise you to go under the knife. however that's obviously not always good, especially just in case of patients that are suffering from this condition. For non surgical possibility you'll also consult a physical therapist, however that may not help you out with the case. Moreover, the condition is comparable to several different orthopedic and rheumatic ailments that it's exhausting to diagnose spinal stenosis........
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Endoscopic-Discectomy Treatment in Queens New York

Many patients who are suffering with serious discomfort related to the spine and back, for all such patients, specialists have many new treatments and Endoscopic Discectomy is one within the list. it's true that this treatment uses the whole technology to its advantage, however sadly, it's not the answer to all or any the conditions that cause back pain, say specialists.

In easier language, we can say that it primarily depends upon the interaction of malady with the surrounding structures and the type of complaint that's bothering the patient's health, that more determines if he's the candidate for this advance procedure or no.

During the endoscopic laser Spine Treatment, the medical experts remove the herniated material and try to achieve back the earlier access to the damaged disc. Moreover, they conjointly cauterize the disc so no any leakage of disc material happens within the body. wherever the normal discectomy needed the surgeons to form a large size incision (5-6 inch) to achieve access to the broken disc, the new to make discectomy is performed with latest technology and the incision that's currently created by the surgeons is concerning the scale of a token. it's through this gap that the sawbones insert a operating tube within the patient's body to simply insert and manipulate the special tools and perform the desired operation. This surgery is performed with associate degree medical instrument, a little video camera that displays the live video on a screen through that the sawbones is ready to find the broken disc and treat it.