PRP, Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures


With platelet rich Plasma therapy, or PRP Injection NYpainsolutions utilizes the healing power of isolated platelets from the patient's own blood to aid in the rejuvenation of their body's soft tissues and bones. Platelet rich Plasma (PRP) injections are accustomed heal muscle, tendon and ligament injuries, accelerating the body's natural healing method. They're a secure and natural different to surgery. A common problem with the healing process is scarring. It affects perform and is among redoubled risk of more damage. Over the previous couple of decades, medical science has recognized that Growth Factors present in specific blood components are most significant within the natural healing process. Growth factors are the foremost important biologically active substance present in blood platelets, that exhibit in depth tissue forming abilities. Throughout PRP treatment, a targeted injection of platelets derived from the very patient is injected into the injured tissue. This initiates the natural healing response of the body.

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