Lumbar Facet Injection

What is a lumbar facet joint injection?
The lumbar facet joints are small joints settled on either side of the body part spine. They assist offer support to the rear of the spine. These joints will become creaky and painful for variety of reasons. The joints cause back pain that radiates into the body part and hips. Injection of anesthetic agent and steroid into the joint will facilitate relieve pain and treat inflammation of the body part aspect joint.

How is the procedure performed?
We could begin an endogenous line so we are able to provide you with medication to relax you. Tiny low needle are inserted in your back close to the spine. The needle is inserted beneath X-ray machine (a sort of x-ray machine). This helps your doctor guide the needle to its correct location. Once the needle is within the correct position, anesthetic agent and steroid are injected to quickly put to sleep the joint and facilitate decrease the inflammation. The procedure is fairly short and our nurses within the hospital room once the procedure’ll watch you closely.

What can you expect after the procedure?
After the procedure, you'll seemingly notice improved pain relief. Once the topical anesthetic has worn off, usually once many hours, your pain could come. Once concerning 24-36 hours, the steroid can begin to start out reducing the inflammation of the joint and provides you longer pain relief; it's going to take up to 1 week to receive steroid result. You would like somebody to drive you home once the procedure.

What are the side effects?
Anything over little quantity of pain, hurt or swelling at the positioning of the injection is uncommon. It’s best to use ice to the injection web site for 20-30 minutes 3 or fourfold on a daily basis for the primary few days when the injection. If you develop the other issues, please decision our workplace at 742-7030 in order that we have a tendency to could suggest any action.

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